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LEATHER PRODUCTS > Card Holders > Vegetable Full Grain Leather Pouch & Card wallet for smart phone(688)

Vegetable Full Grain Leather Pouch & Card Wallet For Smart Phone(688)
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Cow-hide Leather
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$discuss price
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15 days
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Vegetable  Full Grain Leather

Pouch & Card wallet for

smart phone


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휴대폰 파우치입니다.

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빈티지 베지터블 소가죽으로, 빈티지한 낡은 느낌의 소가죽이나

BBG소가죽(Base Ball Glove Leather. 야구글로브 가죽)으로 터치감이 뛰어난 가죽 등

다양한 가죽 색상 및 종류도 선택하실 수 있습니다.



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